The Natural Alternative

The Natural Alternative

Looking for pool water that looks and feels great? You've come to the right place. Nature's Care offers water care products that work differently - and better than most traditional pool chemicals because they treat the root cause of the problem. 

Enzymes, natural clarifiers, phosphate removers, and unique formulations that save water, energy and time. 


4-N-1 CLARIFIER           | Chitosan clarifier that helps your filter remove oils, soaps and other contaminantsIdeal for prevention.

QUICK CURE            | Unique clarifier that encapsulates particles so that your filter can remove them. Ideal for treatments.

OPEN-CLOSE           | Concentrated enzyme formulation for pool openings, closings or anytime. Ideal for openings and closings.

PHOSAWAY              | Remove the source of poor water quality. Ideal for prevention.

PHOSAWAY MAX     | Concentrated phosphate remover for extreme conditions. Ideal for prevention.

PUREZYME               | Removes contaminants that tie up valuable chlorine. Ideal for prevention.

PUREZYME with PHOSAWAY      | The total package of enzymes and phosphate removers. Ideal for prevention.

CHLORINE X-TEND  | Helps fight against chlorine deterioration from UV rays. Ideal for prevention.

INSTANT COVER      | Traps in heat. Prevents evaporation. Ideal for prevention.