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ProTeam Pool Care

Nearly 600 dealers nation-wide know why ProTeam customers are the most loyal in the industry.


  • ProTeam Supreme and the Supreme 4-Step System will forever change the way you feel about pool care.
  • Step 1. ProTeam Supreme: From softer water to enhance chlorine efficiency, pH buffering to algae control.
  • Step 2. ProTeam High Tech Tabs: Who knew you could have water this clean and soft? All from a 3" tab.
  • Step 3. ProTeam Multi Magic: Shock, Oxidize, Buffer, Soften. Is your shock able to multitask?
  • Step 4. ProTeam MicroFloc Clarifier: Encapsulates tiny particles in water. Your filter will gobble them up.


  • ProTeam Products are made in the USA.
  • ProTeam offers a complete line of pool and spa chemicals.
  • ProTeam is the industry innovator for borate technology.
  • ProTeam is available throughout the United States and on-line.

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