Pool Chemicals
Haviland Durachlor

Haviland’s most complete brand offers more treatment options than any of our other brands.


  • Combat Extra quickly rids pools of resistant strands of algae, regardless the color or type with a powerful one-two punch of copper and polymer technology. Special clarifying compounds within will increase water clarity after treatment.
  • Activator is the easy to use product that improves water clarity and decreases maintenance in pool water. Typically, once a season application.
  • 3” Multi Tabs are the ultimate compressed, stabilized, 3 inch, 8 ounce chlorine tablets! Contains anti-scaling agents, water clarifiers, and buffers to make pool care even easier.
  • Multi Shock is a combination of a chlorine sanitizer, non-chlorine oxidizer, and pH Buffers blended together to make a great combination shock. Dissolves instantly in water. Powered by DuPont Oxone.
  • Super Fall Out is our fastest acting and most concentrated liquid flocculent for swimming pool water. Water clarifiers added to speed up the time between cloudy and clear.

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