Natures Care
Nature's Care
Quick Cure

Removes heavy deposits of non-organic contaminants in pool water, such as dead-algae, pollen, rain pollution, greases, and more!


  • Fast acting clarifiers speed up the cleaning process of the pool
  • Easy to use


  • Compatible with all pool systems and water additives


  • If algae is present, it should be eliminated with an EPA registered product
  • SHAKE bottle thoroughly before use
  • Avoid adding this product until sanitizer levels are below 5 ppm
  • Apply 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons weekly to the skimmer
  • Monitor filter pressure and perform maintenance on the filter as needed
  • If cloudy water persists, repeat treatment after 2 days

Available Sizes

  • NEW 64 oz (2 QT) Bottle (6 per case)